Top 10 Green Building Materials For Your Home

Posted: Jan 28, 2015 by ecoREsource Properties

With Montana’s harsh winters, building an energy-efficient home is a top priority for many home owners. If you can build an energy-efficient home while using renewable, recycled material, that’s even better. Here are 10 green building products that will help you accomplish this:

1.Recycled Steel - After looking at recycled steel, you might want to skip wood beams when building your next house. At least 65 tons of scrap steel are recycled every year; recycling scrap reduces the energy produced in making the steel by 75% and it saves space in the landfill.

2.Insulating Concrete Forms - This is a 60-year-old technology that’s increasing in popularity due to its energy-saving properties.

3.Plant-Based Polyurethane Rigid Foam - This foam is manufactured from materials like bamboo, hemp and kelp; it offers better insulation, high moisture and heat resistance, and protection against mold and pests.

4.Straw Bales - According to the California Straw Building Association, straw, if kept dry, can last for thousands of years; straw bales bond well to stucco and plaster walls, and they provide great insulation.

5.Cool Roofing - A cool roof reflects the heat from the sun and stays cooler, thereby transferring less heat into the home. Click here to learn more.

6.Structural Insulated Panels - These panels, made from foam, can save up to 50% in energy costs over other materials.

7.Recycled Wood/Plastic Composite Lumber - If you recycle plastic bags, they might end up as part of the construction of your new deck. This composite of wood fibers and waste plastics is more durable and less toxic than conventional treated lumber.

8.Low-E Windows - The clear coating of metallic oxide on these windows keeps the heat inside the house in the winter and outside in the summer.

9.Vacuum Insulation Panels - A 1-inch panel provides as much as seven times the insulating protection as traditional products, perhaps making it the ultimate insulation panel.

10.Earth - Completely eco-friendly, earth doesn’t need to be manufactured or transported; it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and can be recycled indefinitely.