Step it up and SELL your home!

Posted: Feb 24, 2016 by BHHSMT

It's time to sell your home, are you ready? There are a few things you should immediately do before trying to market your home for sale.  These tips will help you to stage your home properly, show your home successfully and also to price it accurately for your market.

First, check out other real estate listings that are in your desired price range and are for sale in your area.  This is the best way to accurately price your home and to become a competitor in the market.  Your agent can quickly access a list of similar properties within your area that are close to the same age, condition or within the same price range.  Take your time researching and studying the homes, this will aid in building your knowledge of the market that you are competing in.  Take note of the features that you notice within the photographs of the home as well as the descriptions provided by the seller or his agent-use these tips on your own home's listing.

Pay close attention to the following:

- Curb appeal. Be sure to note that most new construction homes have fresh landscaping, new paint and bright windows.  If your home isn't new, consider a coat of trim color or some new foliage in the yard.  Show buyers the potential of your home, even if it isn't brand new.

- Showcasing your home's appealing characteristics.  Find a clever way to accent the things that buyers will love about your home.  Perhaps you have a great laundry room, stage the room accordingly to lend an example of the possibilities.

- Offering concessions can add incentive for a potential buyer.  If you have some concerns about aspects of your home, such as the stained carpet in the master bedroom, offer a cash amount for its replacement. This practice often proves to be beneficial.


There are some things you should consider when showing and staging your home:

See your home through the eyes of the buyer!  When you walk into your own home you likely are blind to some of its charactaristics-both good and those that are less desirable.  Didn't bat an eye at the growing pile of junk mail that is overflowing onto your entry table? Think the expanding amount of toys on your staircase is acceptable because you bought a fancy basket from Pottery Barn to house them? Wrong.  You better believe that a buyer WILL notice it and other spaces occupied by clutter, you could be telling them that there isn't adequate storage space through your personal items. Take some time to minimize the amount of "stuff" in your home, this should include every room. Having items that are too personal, such as the romantic poster-sized portrait of your wedding day in the living room can distract potential buyers from focusing on the home.

Try these decluttering tips:

1. Set out some bins.  One for trash, another for donation items, one for items to put away elsewhere and finally, one for each family member's belongings. Go through every closet, dresser, bin, basket and cabinet in your home and sort the items.  Handle these bins promptly to make room for the things you need to keep.

2. Pack up any items that you know you aren't going to be using, for example, holiday decor, seasonal clothing, baby clothing and athletic equipment. Label the boxes neatly for use later and store them in an organized fashion in your garage/storage area. You can also place kitchen appliances, humidifiers and other small devices away temporarily, but still within close range.

3. Find a place for everything.  Seriously.

4. Create an inventory list.  Although it can be extensive, it will be worth it when you can open up a file folder and have a working inventory of all storage in your home-from garages and crawl spaces to deep freezers and pantries.

5. Keep your home clean.  Don't leave dishes on the counter or in the sink, make a habit of hanging up your clothes and towels after use. Seeing your home clean will make you want to keep it that way, creating a habit of clean.

6. Get the kids involved.  Give them a say with items and where they should go, have them take the trash and the recycling out regularly.  Teach them to stay tidy and organized.

7. Create a mail filing system that works for you.  Whether it's dividers labeled with "bills" "to file" etc., or simply having a recycle bin close to your "drop-zone" deal with the mail as soon as you get it for best results in battling mail overload.

8. Consider implementing a cleaning schedule for yourself and any family members in the home.  This goes hand in hand with keeping a clean home, everyone should complete the jobs regularly to create a habit of clean.

At the end of the day, you want to sell your home as quickly as possible.  Taking the time to utilize some or all of the above tips can lend great success to your real estate listing, showing and selling power!  If you feel like you are running in the dark, ask a close friend or family member to give you an outside opinion on where you should begin.  Good luck in selling!