How To Do a Final Walkthrough - Steps For Success

Posted: Feb 5, 2015 by ecoREsource Properties

You are about to close on the perfect Montana home; how exciting! But, wait! Before you get caught up in the excitement, keep a clear, objective mind for the final walkthrough (your ecoREsource agent can definitely be very helpful here). The final walkthrough allows the prospective buyer to make sure that the house is in the condition that they expect, including all agreed upon repairs being taken care of, before they close on the house. Here is a list of can’t-miss final walkthrough steps:

1.Bring an Extra Pair of Eyes/Notepad - Bring someone you trust (a family member or friend) along for the walkthrough. They may see things that you don’t notice. Also, keep a list of any issues you find that need to be addressed before closing.

2.Check all Appliances - When you walk through the door, turn on the oven/stovetop (oven light and fan), dishwasher, disposal, clothes washer and dryer. Is everything in good working order?

3.Check the Plumbing - Turn on every faucet and showerhead in the house, and then turn them off. Do any of them drip? How’s the water pressure? Flush all of the toilets. Do they work? Also, check all of the pipes under the sinks and in the basement to make sure that there are no leaks.

4.Check the Major Systems - Turn on the central heat and air. Are they working? Stay at the house long enough to notice a temperature change.

5.Check for Agreed Upon Repairs - Often, sellers agree to make certain repairs before closing. Make sure that ALL agreed upon repairs have been made to your satisfaction. If they haven’t, talk to your realtor and make sure the closing is postponed until the necessary repairs have been made.

6.Remotes and Keypads - If your new home has a security system, does every keypad work? Does the garage door opener work? If there are remote control operated fans, are the remotes there? Sometimes sellers accidently pack them when they move.

7.Check Landscaping - It might not occur to you, but sometimes sellers remove outside plants. Check your home’s yard to make sure everything is there. Also, if there’s an automatic sprinkler system, make sure its in working order, and check all outdoor faucets for leaks.

8.Make Sure Everything is Clean - Seller’s are required to leave everything clean and free of their possessions. Make sure that the home (including the refrigerator, oven, cabinets), the garage and the yard are clean and clear of debris. This is especially important when it comes to large or hazardous items.