Decoding the green movement

Posted: Nov 14, 2012 by Gary Foster

The latest version of the green movement can be confusing.  You hear all the catchphrases about climate change and doing your part for the environment.  As usual, this is a reinvention of the last movement from the 70's which is almost identical.  That puts me in the age group who has seen this movie before.  Don't get me wrong.  We all need to do our part.  However, as usual, if you follow the money you will see a lot of the hype is driven either by greed or power.

Having spent 40 plus years in the construction industry, I have come across most everything having to do with building and repair.  What  I have found is that common sense usually prevails, just like how we live our lives.  Basic construction has changed very little for thousands of years.  You have 4 walls and a roof.  What has changed are the materials and techniques now used  to achieve a sound structure.  Of course new ideas are driven by money as they should be, but you can still have a beautiful home without spending beyond your means. It all starts by common sense planning even before you break out the shovel. This includes the orientation of the house on  the property, the type of foundation, heat source, and on and on.

I am blogging for the 1st time and am interested in opening the discussion on the frugal (some say cheap) approach to building your dream home through reuse of existing material, smart planning and sweat equity.  This not only saves you money and material but is extremely satisfying to step back and see what you can accomplish.

Common Sense Construction