5 Home Selling Strategies That Work

Posted: Feb 18, 2015 by ecoREsource Properties

Are you getting ready to put your house on the market and don’t know where to begin? Starting this process can be overwhelming! Most homeowners have a tendency to become so comfortable in their house that they overlook items in need of repairs, deep cleaning and accumulation of clutter. These tips will help you prepare your house for the selling process:

1.Make Needed Repairs - Make sure that everything is in working order (appliances, heating/cooling system, electrical, plumbing, doors/windows, etc.). Is interior/exterior paint chipping? Repainting or just touching up the trim can make a big difference in the buyer’s first impression of your house.

2.Deep Clean - Scrub the entire house, or hire a qualified cleaner. Pay attention to the things buyers notice: appliances, showers/tubs, sinks, toilets, countertops, floors, doors, walls and other noticeable items. Remove all grease, dirt, dust, and odors. Wash windows and mirrors, and don’t forget about the exterior; curb appeal is very important in making a first impression.

3.Stage Your Home - Staging your home is one of the most important things you can do as a seller. It’s back to the first impression concept. You want potential buyers to walk into your home and say, “wow, I love this house!” They need to be able to visualize their belongings in your space. This is the time to declutter, add furniture and decorations sparingly, and keep personal belongings (family photos) to a minimum.

4.Bake Something - Soon before you have a showing scheduled, bake something that smells amazing (ie. apple pie, chocolate chip cookies)! This helps create a warm, comfortable environment; it feels like home. Be sure to allow time to clean up the kitchen after cooking. Also, add a vase of fresh flowers to the dining room table, and turn on all of the lights.

5.Be Available - It’s important to be available on short notice when you’re selling your house. This allows your house to be shown as often as possible, and gives you time to tidy up right before a potential buyer arrives. It also ensures that you are able to be reached quickly if an offer comes in.

Real estate is a competitive business in Montana, as well as the rest of the country. In order to give you the best chance for success, include these 5 selling strategies in your game plan. And, consider the items that mattered to you when you purchased your own home; make sure that you address those as well.