10 Great Things To Do in Bozeman During the Summer

Posted: Jul 27, 2015 by ecoREsource Properties

Thinking about purchasing a new home in Bozeman, Montana? Bozeman is a can’t-miss location for outdoor enthusiasts. Here are just a few of the great things to do in Bozeman and the surrounding area during the summer months:

1. Bogert Farmers Market - This summer market features local growers, artisans, crafters, musicians, small businesses and culinary artists. There’s nothing better than fresh, locally grown produce to fill your table with delicious goodness all summer long.

2. Montana is particularly well-known for its world class fly fishing opportunities, and the Bozeman area is no exception. The Gallatin River is located approximately 25 miles from Bozeman, while the Madison River is just one county over to the west. The Gallatin is packed with gorgeous scenery and is a perfect spot to catch some brown or rainbow trout. The Madison boasts a similar cache of fish, and there are many more smaller rivers in the area.

3. Many of these rivers, including the Gallatin, also offer an array of other recreational activities, such as swimming, kayaking, and floating. It’s very easy to find a guide to help you float a river, and guides can also be found for fishing or other activities. These rivers offer beautiful scenery, and are brimming with the history of both Native people and European-American explorers, such as Lewis and Clark.

4. Music on Main is an event held throughout the summer, where free live concerts are put on in the middle of Bozeman’s bustling downtown area. Come down once a week to listen to music, meet people, and shop. It’s a fantastic social opportunity and there is always something new to check out!

5. Art Walks are another great chance to visit Bozeman’s historic downtown area. During these events, local businesses and art galleries along Main Street, as well as the Emerson Center for Arts and Culture, display pieces of local artwork. Complimentary refreshments are often provided and local musicians can sometimes be found throughout the street as well.

6. Any time of year is a great chance to visit the Museum of the Rockies. Located right in Bozeman, the museum is known for its collection of dinosaur fossils and contains some of the most famous dinosaur specimens in the world. The Museum of the Rockies often has new things to see, with their dynamic cast of exhibits, and they frequently have various community events going on, so remember to always check back!

7. In a similar vein, The Bozeman Public Library is a great place year round to grab a book, DVD, or CD, but it also frequently has many community events, so check out their event calendar on their website. There are also often pieces of local art to check out in their lobby, and the library is located right next to Lindley Park, which is a beautiful park to walk through or sit and read in.

8. Aside from the many aquatic recreational activities available to Bozemanites, there are many terrestrial options as well. One such popular option is horseback riding. There are many businesses in the area that offer horseback riding. It’s a fun way to spend the day in nature and with animals, and it can be a great opportunity for the whole family!

9. "Hiking the M" or hiking up to the large “M” located atop the south side of Baldy Mountain is a nice option for people who want an easy hike with the left fork or a more challenging route by taking the right one. The 250-foot white rock “M” was created in 1915 by local Montana State students. The hike is quite short, but the view is superb, and there are many other options of trails to hike around the valley.

10.  Besides having a famous dinosaur museum, Bozeman also contains a dinosaur-themed playground for children. The Dinosaur Playground includes fun and educational dinosaur-motif playground equipment, and is a delightful place to take kids to play, and it is also a great location for a summer picnic or family outing.